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When emailing Dave, PLEASE include a phone number where you can be contacted. Thank you.

I was invited to Porter Chester Institute Technology School, by the educational director, too encourage students in there automotive program, to expand their horizons,and passions, as they persue future career's in the automotive profession.

Friend/Business associate runs this Z-28 Drag car at N.H.R.A. events with great success. Between his expertise and my own, a great deal of technical development and knowledge has been gained and influenced my business.

Watkins Glen Raceway
I was invited down to Watkins Glen Raceway in New York, by the Porsche Club Of America. They asked me to consult in the desigining of an Mach II Power/Brake distribution box, with controllers, and a variable power suply, complete with wiring harness, for there H.O. Executive Club Track Layout.

"I was invited down to factory five racing by the owner in Wareham, MA, for an tour of their manufacturing operations, as they were interested in Dave's Model Racing engineering." All gear heads think alike.

Laguna Seca
Laguna Seca Race Circuit: #4 lane high performance track, 35 amp power source, digital lap counter, now open for racing, season open Oct 1st Thru April 31st

Lane Pro Lap Counter
Lane Pro Lap Counter:
#LC-02- #2 Lane Lap Counter, Resete Button, #100 Lap Count, Track with Ultra Sensitive Sensors, off/on power switch, fused protection, 2 years warranty, Ultra Bright Display, practical design and functions $210.00 ea.
Call, or E-mail

LC 02, 04
The LC-02, 04 Lane Lap counter in action, at a customer's track course.

Vazteck #100 - Super Duty, Services modified controller. with variable break / coast switch and coast / break mixture. $200.00

Variable fixed controllers with, on/off power switch,fused lane,this model seen $38.00,just like t-jet steering wheel controllers, other models vary, e-mail at

Tyco 440X2: # TR-1W Wide Pan Chassis
Hot stock arm, shunts, rear silicon tires, hot brushes, tweaked chasis, etc...$40.00ea

MACH - II - Brake Power Distribution System, #2 fused lanes, main power fuse, custom built to various specification.
As Seen $340

MACH II - Power Brake Distribution System, installed by an customer in Connecticut, this is one of many favorites, that have been built.
Call, or E-mail for more information

An customer in Rhode Island wanted custom made controller stations, with wiring harness, and controllers, also included are the new AFX Tri-Power Packs
Call, or E-mail for more information

The Mach #4/ #6 power distribution system, with brake, power hook up, controller stations, custom shunt terminal tracks, power supply harness, circuit breaker, or fuse protection, and installation hardware . Custom built to your specific racing track needs.
Call, or E-mail for more information

MACH II - Custom PowerDistribution Terminal Track with hardware. Comes with MACHH - II set up.

VAZ-TECH - #100 Variable Brake/Coast Switch, with modified resistor.

MACH - II - Brake Power Distribution System with a 13.8 VDC power supply at 12 amps. This system seen was installed for an Automotive Inustry CEO Consultant for Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari and the Big Three. As seen $340.0o.
Starting Light Tower: In many variations, and design styles. Please call, or e-mail for pricing.

T-Jet Computrac Console : A Texas T-Jet Customer wanted an upgraded and modified console for his vintage 0 Gauge Raceway.
As seen $208.00

Power Pack Line Conditioner : This device will condition, clean and smooth D.C. voltage of many types of slot car power pack devices, especially vintage AFX model motoring, tyco pro, etc units.

Black Thermo : : This allows heat cooling and lubrication "all in one". Applications: Brush Barrels, pick-up shoes, can magnet casings and any metal contacts to motor assembly
Part#69A $3.99 per kit

Repairs / Services :
Power Supplies, Lap counters, accessories, controllers, etc, and other related items. Fully Guaranteed

Mac Pac Up Grade
Variable Voltage 8 Vdc - 23 Vdc Output, With Precision Digital Meter Read Out, $150.00., E-Mail,Or Call

Pro H.O. Racing Club
Power Supply from M.A.R.C., came in for service and maintenance

Unit came into the shop. It was purchased by the customer thru one of the auction websites, the bottom unit was defective, and repaired. Custom made Din Plugs, with Sensor Track, and Harness, completed the project.

Armature Communtator Kit
Part# 59A $44.75

Fish Shim #1
High performance magnet "armature",etc, shim material. High Temperature, and high physical strength

Part# Fish Shim #1 $2.00 per kit 4pcs

Resistor Band Lube: Specially formulated and designed for Resistor Bands and electronic type controllers with PCB foil landings which reduces wear and arcing $3.95 a kit

Thunder Dome Race Way: High Performance sectional track Race way, custom made. Please call for more info, or email. See additional photos. Call or Email.
Drivers Station Box: #3 wire set up for brakes, fused, replaceable binding posts, rear terminal hook-up. Mounting box comes in many variations, and design styles. Please call, or e-mail for pricing.

Mach II-IIII System Controller : Junction box, fused lanes, variable power supply, #2 or #4 Econo controllers with variable braking and brake coast switch with clip=on's color coded. High current system 5/6 18 vdc. Specifications vary. Call or email.

Electronic Drag Light System: Manual operation with smart/reset control box, Christmas tree tower = #2 red, #2 yellow #2 green ultra bright indicators, main box and power supply. Complete with installation hardware. Model #E2 Drag System $130.00ea.

Custom Made Power Track Harness and Track Shunts : Custom made electrical system, pre-assembled, and labeled for easy installation. If you have basic skills, you can install this system.
Micro Reed Sensors: Ultra sensitive and accurate, will sense
T-Jets, etc. Each one hand picked for proper specifications.
Call, or e-mail, for installation. $ 2.50 each

Lap Reed Sensor Interface Module
Lap Reed Sensor Interface Module
Pre- Wired Read Sensors, "Ultra Sensitive". Interface module Box with input-out put connections to lap counter. heavy duty wires lugs. makes easy installation, clean hook-ups. Each model vary, #2 - #4 - #6 Lanes etc.
Call, or E-mail

#4 Lane Pro Lap Counter: with high performance Reed switches, spec out, custom made starting tower, red, yellow, green indicators, with control box. Email or call.

Tire Nitro Kit
Tire Prep and Tire Nitro solution preserver. High performance additive prevents tires from drying out. This is a non-residue tire gripping formula, As seen in Scale auto racing magazine.
Part# 104A - $9.50 (kit + shipping)
(781) 828-4141
Nitro Comm: Increase R.P.M., torque, reduce brush, and comm wear. Increase conductivity. Comes in Standart red $ 6.00 , and Super Duty Purple Haze $7.00.

Vaz-Tech - #2EX
Controller, variable braking and coast / brake switch. Ask for sensitive, supersensitive or normal sensitivity type.
$74.00 each
(781) 828-4141

Stock Power Pack Upgrade
1. D.C. brushes like clean D.C. power. H.O. Slot cars run cooler, and more performance
2. Better voltage output, and regulation
3. Allows use of stock power pack and plug!Tyco, AFX, Tomy, LifeLike, etc..
Model# Pack1
(781) 828-4141

1 New AFX Tri-Power Pack, 1 amp, selectable, PVDC 12v DC - 22v DC. Loose Regulation, and acuuracy. "GOOD".
$30.00 P# 8822P
2 Hemi-I Big Block - Brute Force 1.6 amps. Precise regulation for H.O Racing at 18v DC Legal Competition.
$35.00 P# Hemi-1 8vDC - 1.6v DC
(781) 828-4141

Track Power Terminal Junction
Track Power Terminal Junction
Box - This device will allow you to use a power supply for factory terminal tracks for tyco, afx-tomy, life like, etc. Adding performance, fused safety, and pro quality installation. Model designs vary,
call or E-mail
(781) 828-4141

Power Supplies
HEMI - II Power System Pulse Width Modulated Packs
H.O. Track Joint compensation designed custom made 18vdc
2.5 amps regulated.
Model# HEMI-II - $100.00
(781) 828-4141

AR-1-Slotcar Audio Module
Nascar, F1, Indy, Etc, Sound. Easy Installation.

Tire Nitro

As seen in Scale Auto Magazine!
(P#100) - $8.00
(includes shipping)
(781) 828-4141

Other Models Available !
(P#106M) - $65.00
(781) 828-4141

High End: Motor Break In Box and Test Track with harness. OV-15VDC, and current adjustment. M-SPS-155A

Economy Break-In Boxes

Economy Break-In Box
Non regulated, filtered clean D.C...
Selectable from 3VD to 12VDC, with test track
Great for breaking in those "brushes"!
Part# 107 - $25.00
(781) 828-4141